About Page - Ketan Karia

Photography is one of my greatest passions. Being involved in a creative task enables me to be completely present. When I am photographing, I lose sense of space and time and get fully immersed in the process of crafting a fine image. Photography as an art form has so many facets that I believe one can never completely master it. That is what I love about it -the continuous and varied challenges it presents. I will always be a student of this truly marvelous field.

While I started off in the analog realm using film and doing dark room work, I transitioned to the digital era several years ago. In the digital world I had to deepen my skill set as a photographer. In addition to “taking” a picture, I also had to learn image management, storage, post-processing and printing.

I am available to provide photography services for individual portrait sessions and other events as well as training on image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Please send me a note using the Contact Me form and I will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Do continue to visit this site often as I will be updating the contents several times during the year.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter, Raina, for taking this picture of me – she is quite creative in her own right.

I am based in central New Jersey, USA.

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